Our sustainability pledge

The Pickled Fork recognises that as event caterers our work does have both a direct and indirect
impact on the local, regional and global environment.

We are committed to minimising our negative impacts and by acting in a sustainable way, meeting
the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfil their own
needs. We hope that by minimising our carbon footprint we encourage our customers to do so as

Although at TPF we do not see it as our place to lecture clients on being ‘green’, we do believe that
we can have a significant role to play in raising awareness of green alternatives and helping our
clients to achieve their own green policies.

Our green policy is to constantly seek ways in which we can improve our environmental credentials.
Our green strategy is aligned with our environmental policy and catering codes of practice on waste
and environmental protection. 

We focus on:
✓ Using biodegradable products, cups/trays, etc.
✓ Using recycled paper, i.e. serviettes, disposable hand towels.
✓ Reducing waste.
✓ Reusing materials at every opportunity.
✓ We cook with LPG which has a smaller carbon footprint than electricity.
✓ Repair, rather than throw away, when we can.
✓ All our used cooking oil is taken from our kitchen and turned into biofuel.
✓ All our food waste is turned into biofuel.
✓ Our uniforms are made with recycled ocean plastic.
✓ Our staff regularly use electric bikes to and from work.